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May 29, 2004

Allen Cohen Tribute by Kush

Kush-Allen-Cohen-Tribute168Beat archivist Kush and a saxaphone player did an acknowledgement of Allen Cohen. It was all about light. He was the publisher of the Oracle, a history of the Haight Ashbury, which created a sense of community. He was involved in the production of the first Human Be-In. Allen Cohen passed away about a month ago after a struggle with liver cancer.

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I hope your well.
If thier are somme up coming poetry events please let me know.
I can read also if you like.


Posted by: roger siegel | Apr 10, 2007 7:46:29 AM

Will post Toni Seldin's phone and address as loved ones circle round circle in HEAL

Waca Chan/World Tree of the North/Palenque joining the Milky Way & CLOUD HOUSE are NOW ONE

It is time for the Real Magicians To Practice and Alchemize on what passes for reality as the unculture/unsociety dissolves

Posted by: Kush | Jun 7, 2004 10:07:33 PM

Allen Cohen's most beloved friend the Vagabond Poet, TONI SELDIN who for years traveled on the road with Einstein's Bust (his father's work)is fighting multiple brain tumors brought on by Agent Orange/Vietnam------While VENUS dances across the face of the SUN making EYES a Visionairy Mask ----i call upon all healers to heal my beloved friend who cared for everyone in his travels with esp. Ken Kesey-Jack Micheline-Bob Kaufman COME IN & HEAL HEAL HEAL HEAL

Posted by: Kush | Jun 7, 2004 9:59:48 PM