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May 29, 2004

Electronic Frontier Foundation Presentation

Kevin-Bankston-EFFKevin from the Electronic Frontier Foundation spoke. They are like the ACLU for the online world, so that people can say what they think online freely, with no censorship. Software code should be speech protected by the First Amendment. Government surveillance and instrusions due to the USA Patriot act, for example, they can check on your ISP records with just a signature from a local FBI agent. They can check your e-mail and your e-mail correspondents, and what web sites you visit. The ISP can't reveal that they've given out your records without going to prison. All they have to do is meet the lowest legal standard of relevance, for example everyone who was in Las Vegas during a certain time period. It's like the old Soviet Union, gulag archipelago kind of stuff. "We're all terrorist subjects today, whether we like it or not. So let your congress critters know that you don't support renewing the Patriot Act." because Republican congress people are trying to renew it a year early.

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