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May 31, 2004


It truly was a concrescence, to use Alfred North Whitehead's word. A kind of peak event, just the right combination of elements and people, a culmination of sorts: the timing, the place, the vibe, the idea.

When I look back at the magical tradition these events have forged over the years, this 13th version of the Digital Be-In seemed to contain the best of all of them. Speakers, exhibits and installations, music, decor - and art. The Transparent Network gallery exhibit of 13 artists interpreting the Be-In 13 theme paid homage to the Digital "Art" Be-Ins, as the early events were called, when digital fine art was front and center. The works displayed on May 29 will all be up in the Gallery section of the site shortly after the event.

We will also add more information on the participants and content of the event, including the talks by the speakers and links to more info on all the vital threads addressed. Credits for the creation of Be-In 13 will also be on the site, our hard-working, high-spirited Team 13 and those who supported our efforts. If all goes well, we'll have not only plenty of photos from the event, but also video clips. DVD? Maybe!

As most know, we produced 12 Digital Be-Ins in January, following the tradition of the January 14, 1967 Human Be-In, and the earlier Macworld Expo-linked Digital Be-Ins. The Macworld connection was left behind for the most part as the event evolved into broader territory. I always thought that the 12th Be-In would be a completion of the cycle in a sense, which it was. And 13, a new beginning, seems to have been a successful experiment with a new date. The Memorial Day weekend timing came about pretty much by "accident" as we tried several open dates at the SOMARTS venue. As it turned out, we had some important people to memorialize at the event - Allen Cohen and Dianna Rawliegh Davis - and also, there was something quite fitting about having the Be-In, which is about building a peaceful world, on this date, and our Memorial Altar paid homage to those many who have lost their lives in violent conflicts around our planet, including, of course, the current wars in which our country is engaged.

Another experiment this year was the development of the online Be-In Tribe. We have over 200 members on and a large number of others who have joined the mailing list. We will be following up with a group mailing, and encourage ongoing participation on the Going forward, we expect to garner more interaction from the greater Be-In tribe in shaping and producing future events. By the way, we are very open to collaboration and events held in other locales around the world. Send feedback and ideas please.

Thanks and gratitude to the many co-creators of Digital Be-In 13. Let's keep the spirit moving and growing!


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May 30, 2004

Reclaim the Commons

BioDevConvergence3514The Reclaim the Commons convergence in San Francisco focuses on the people's need to reclaim our food supply, public space, seed diversity, public water supplies, and other vital elements of community sustainability. Protest the biotech assault during their corporate meeting in San Francisco.

Convergence: Thursday June 3 through Wednesday June 9

Direct Action: Tuesday June 8, Mass direct action to shut-down the BIO2004 meeting in SF on the day that the G8 starts in Georgia.

Teach-in: Thursday June 3 through Saturday June 5

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Images of the Be-In

Virtual-Playa-157 The Virtual Playa is a simulation of the Burning Man city in Black Rock Desert created in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Main-Stage-173The Be-In main stage featured lighting and video by Anon Salon and Dimension 7.

Dancing-Outdoor-Stage165Dancing at the outdoor stage included the community, DJs, fire dancers, and more.

Dancers-175Cute dancers! Hmmmm....

Fire-Dancer-178Fire dancer godesses rising from the earth, celebrating the elements. Bad luck with kerosene kite.

Cybervixen-170Cybervixen dazzles us with her latest costume and vocals and electronic tracks.

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Smart Bar Serves Up Delights

Smart-Bar-164 Sponsor Life-Enhancement serves up the brain and body boosters...

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Michael Gosney: Intro to the Transparent Network

Michael-Gosney-MC-160Michael Gosney, executive producer of the Be-In, talked about the 'Transparent Network', biomimicry, the best designs are found in nature, gravity, genetics, geometric forms, psychic energy, the network of life, a model we should understand more thoroughly. Perhaps this is related to the recent movement of permaculture as a deeper involvement in the natural flows within biosystems, gardens, ecologies. The sphere of mind is evolving in the biosphere. The commercial applications of technology can't be the predominant motive; it has to include the human element, the intent connect with the spirit and creative impulse. The Be-In network on the is a place where we are developing a new network of people involved in this movement of humanist and progressive applications of technology. Michael Gosney acknowledged Diana Rawleigh, a wonderful artist who had contributed uplifting alter art for previous Be-In events. She had recently passed away from colon cancer, after spending time at a hospice in the Santa Cruz mountains.

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Patrick Flanagan: Psychic Communication

Patrick-FlanaganPatrick Flanagan talked about developing our psychic communication. The same psychic nature that whales use can be developed by humans, moving into the biological internet, a psychic network of friends. We had a taste of it in the Sixties. How do we get to a critical mass of this experience?

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Be-In Netcast Acknowledgements

Greg Jalbert,, editor, manager
Sophia Hanifah, weblog setup
Dave De La Vega photography
Larry Gerald photography
Terri, photography
Martin Brooks, photography
Yosuke, SOMARTs Technical Support

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Words of Wisdom from Swami Beyondananda

Swami-BeyondanandaSwami Beyondananda reminded everyone we need to set a precedent in order to have a new president this fall otherwise we may end up with the government on 'uranus'. The Transparent Network will channel through if we each tell our vision unlike television where it's a one way street. Terri says "Just go get his book". He showed the illogic to Cheney's approach of fighting wars forever is like fighting fire with fire. Swami checked with some fireman and they told him you fight fire with water. Check out Swami's book, Duck Soup for the Soul. The government should do the bidding of the people, not for the highest bidder. The good news is that we've already had a revolution in this country; what we really need is an American Evolution. The American Evolution begins this November when we fire the number one bigshot.

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May 29, 2004

RU Sirius: Countercultures Through the Ages

RUSiriusRU Sirius talked about his new book, Countercultures Through the Ages, coming out in the fall. After quoting Tim Leary's statement "Think for yourself, question authority", RU Sirius made the point that in lieu of 9/11, it takes on a more significant meaning. His favorite chapter title is the one on the 1970's, "That which does not kill you makes you hipper."

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Allen Cohen Tribute by Kush

Kush-Allen-Cohen-Tribute168Beat archivist Kush and a saxaphone player did an acknowledgement of Allen Cohen. It was all about light. He was the publisher of the Oracle, a history of the Haight Ashbury, which created a sense of community. He was involved in the production of the first Human Be-In. Allen Cohen passed away about a month ago after a struggle with liver cancer.

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