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May 30, 2004

Michael Gosney: Intro to the Transparent Network

Michael-Gosney-MC-160Michael Gosney, executive producer of the Be-In, talked about the 'Transparent Network', biomimicry, the best designs are found in nature, gravity, genetics, geometric forms, psychic energy, the network of life, a model we should understand more thoroughly. Perhaps this is related to the recent movement of permaculture as a deeper involvement in the natural flows within biosystems, gardens, ecologies. The sphere of mind is evolving in the biosphere. The commercial applications of technology can't be the predominant motive; it has to include the human element, the intent connect with the spirit and creative impulse. The Be-In network on the Tribe.net is a place where we are developing a new network of people involved in this movement of humanist and progressive applications of technology. Michael Gosney acknowledged Diana Rawleigh, a wonderful artist who had contributed uplifting alter art for previous Be-In events. She had recently passed away from colon cancer, after spending time at a hospice in the Santa Cruz mountains.

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