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May 29, 2004

Ram Dass and Wavy Gravy Discuss Nothing

P5290149Word play fills the time as the energy builds at the Be-In. Ram Dass and Wavy Gravy discuss nothing, nothing special, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Wavy, in his psychedelic fractal jumpsuit and jester cap, was reminiscing about running the Nobody for President campaign, complete with bumber stickers. "Does anybody have anything for the mix?" "One time, Willie Nelson autographed my nose!" That same day, Wavy had a 300 year old Tibetan bell stolen, which made him feel like he had won the Nobel Prize. Wavy had once talked with Lenny Bruce in LA about drugs, that he had taken some psychotropics out in the desert, "The sun came down and wanted me to go inside it." It was on a day when the clouds hung like a Tibetan thanka painting over the Hollywood Hills, and Lenny Bruce said, "There is no death." Ram Dass: "To the ego, death is death, and to the soul, death is just a bump in the road, a chapter in the book you read." Wavy, "Death is also Patrick Henry's second choice, and nature's way of telling you to slow down." Wavy Gravy had a stuffed fish with him, a big weird white fish. Ram Dass, "I speak to my guru, even though he's dead." Wavy Gravy, "The nose I'm wearing is made in Barcelona, Spain. It's made by Clowns Without Borders."

Wavy-Gravy-with-Fish-158Ram Dass has a quiet calmness and wisdom, as well as exciting and vital, full of vigor and the audience is clearly enjoying his comments. Wavy's on! In this nice living room setting we are all sitting on magic carpets listening to our tale-tellers and talking with each other. Ram Dass explains the meaning of Ganesh and takes questions from the audience. Wavy is tired of accepting things that are just cool; they should be frozen or even glacial or super glacial!

A member of the audience asked about the life of Timothy Leary... "He was shooting star. His life was not expected by his mother." Wavy Gravy said, "A smile like a searchlight." Ram Dass, "He had an outsider's look (about life)." Wavy: "Tim was big fun. And he wanted his head to be frozen."

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Dear Teacher:

Have a great TRIP.


richard am stein

Posted by: richard am stein | Apr 20, 2005 12:45:21 AM

Dear Ram Dass

Millions file past for 2 seconds to see
a little waxy Pope in shiny brown shoes
Humanity now hooked on Catastrophe and Sensationalism

Meanwhile I sit in pre-menstrual angst, alone, feeling unloved and forgotten
On a grey and humid Auckland Sunday afternoon
and weep buckets
watching your Fierce Grace
you crying for the beautiful words from God
given in a dream
to a girl newly bereaved
and I cry with you and think you are the most beautiful man AWAKE and ALIVE

You only thought of the ceiling pipes
But what matter that?
Maybe that’s like just indifferently observing an industrial landscape
as your train speeds you to paradise?

Thank you for everything

Posted by: Cat O'Connor | Apr 17, 2005 9:33:57 PM

great...wonderful...WG is the best, as well as Ram Dass...would like to see both one day

Houseplant Picture Studio

Posted by: benbenek | Oct 6, 2004 2:31:29 AM

Dear Ram Dass,
We have lived the 60s too and love you Ram Dass. My husband went to a talk by Timothy Leary and saw you in Seattle. We have some songs we did and always dreamed of giving you a copy, a way of thanking you. We think it will hit your soul note. (we are not
soliciting) We don't know how to contact you, other than this.....lots and lots of love, from
the Kensoks, up here in the woods of NE Washington.

Posted by: Kim Kensok | Jul 22, 2004 7:25:47 AM