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May 29, 2004

Sustainable World Symposium Presentation

Veneet announced the Sustainable World Symposium, a one day event so people get the bottom line on what works for the world. Saturday June 19 at St Mary's Cathedral Conference Center in San Francisco. Jerry Mander will be speaking. There are three pillars of sustainability: the environmental state of the planet, social justice and human rights, economic systems that are truly healthy for people. We're heading for disaster unless we steer the planet in the direction of sustainability. Sustainability is inclusive; there's no us vs. them. It's about including all of us. We must find a context for a healthy planet. We must further this awareness. Key points in the sustainability campaign are: current media reform, corporate accountability so we know what resources they are really using, renewable energy support to move away from fossil fuels. These issues keep us locked in place and away from the world we want.

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