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May 25, 2004

Transparent Network Gallery

We are delighted to be working once again with sponsor Digital Pond of San Francisco, in producing this provocative exhibit of artistic visions addressing the Transparent Network theme.

The original Verbum magazine and the many books and exhibits produced during the '90s showcased the works of innovative and thoughtful artists working with the new digital tools. Here in 2004, these tools are now well established and the definition of "fine art" in the digital domain is still being debated. These works are by top artists who have already made many vital contributions to the field.


These works interpret the Transparent Network theme in a variety of ways, touching on some of the same topics through this expressive medium that our speakers will address through the medium of words: alternative news media, open source computing, many-to-many publishing, biomimicry, the biosphere's Web of Life, Teilhard’s noosphere, Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field... and the “innernet” of collective consciousness.


See the Be-In site for more details on the artists. Here is a list of the artists and their works. We will reproduce the works on the Be-In website after the event.

Roz Dimon
Windows on the World: With Liberty and Justice for All

Diane Fenster
Anthropic Principle

Jim Fournier

Miquel Gaio and Scott Fossel

Michael Green (Zen and the Art of the Macintosh, The Illuminated Rumi)
Quantum Vision

Alex Grey

Carol Michelson
Je ne suis pas de ce monde (video/sound piece)

Barbara Nessim
Network of Words

Stevee Postman (Cosmic Tarot deck)

Frank Tycer
Network of Unseen Vision

Tina Zimmermann

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We have added pieces by Alex Grey and Nate Vogel to the gallery! the World Spirit DVD with Alex Grey and musical artist Kenji Williams will be showcased in the Be-In Theater as well.

Posted by: Goz | May 27, 2004 12:19:09 AM