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May 30, 2004

Words of Wisdom from Swami Beyondananda

Swami-BeyondanandaSwami Beyondananda reminded everyone we need to set a precedent in order to have a new president this fall otherwise we may end up with the government on 'uranus'. The Transparent Network will channel through if we each tell our vision unlike television where it's a one way street. Terri says "Just go get his book". He showed the illogic to Cheney's approach of fighting wars forever is like fighting fire with fire. Swami checked with some fireman and they told him you fight fire with water. Check out Swami's book, Duck Soup for the Soul. The government should do the bidding of the people, not for the highest bidder. The good news is that we've already had a revolution in this country; what we really need is an American Evolution. The American Evolution begins this November when we fire the number one bigshot.

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